UTM Tracking instruction for iTrueMart’s product link (deep link) tool

Due to iTrueMart’s UTM tracking system regulation, any results without UTM tracking tag will be rejected. So any partners who want to promote the campaign using Product link (deep link) must manually add UTM tracking tag to iTrueMart product’s landing page url before generating the affiliated links in get links menu (product tab). To find out how to do so, please follow the instruction below.

Before adding iTrueMart product’s landing page URL into “Landing page URL” field in “Product” tab of get code page, partners must add “?utm_source=Affiliate&utm_medium=Interspace” UTM tag code at the end of the desired url.


  • the original landing page url from iTrueMart website is as follows: http://www.itruemart.com/category/irobot-3465758625776.html
  • Add ?utm_source=Affiliate&utm_medium=Interspace at the end of the original url
  • and you will get the following link : http://www.itruemart.com/category/irobot-3465758625776.html?utm_source=Affiliate&utm_medium=Interspace
  • use this link to generate the affiliated link in “Get Code” page.

*You’ll only have to add UTM tracking tag for url in “Landing page URL” field. No url modification needed for “Image URL” field.

As for banners, text links and links in data feed, partners can use them normally as these types of links are already equipped with UTM tracking tag. Therefore, partners promote “iTrueMart Shopping Online” campaign and receive commission when there’s a conversion occurred through your affiliated links as usual.


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